Code-3, LED-X 2100 Series Light Bar

Code-3’s newest addition to their comprehensive line of lightbars is the LED-X 2100 series. These highly intense, extremely low-profile lightbars produce exceptionally bright light while remaining crystal clear when not in use for the ultimate inconspicuous appearance. For maximum visibility, the LED X 2100 features 8 modules front and back (with your choice of either a Halogen or LED Arrowstik in the rear), 4 corner modules, two hi-intensity takedown lights, and two hi-intensity alley lights. Plus, it can be controlled through any standard Code 3 switch pack or siren/switch control as all voltage management is handled at the light head inside the lightbar itself! As with all LED products, the 2100 draws barely any power at a mere .5 amp per module! Less energy consumption equals less heat and a longer lasting electrical system in your vehicle. With solid state construction and a 5 year warranty on each module, the LED X 2100 will likely outlast your vehicle anyway! Finally, departments have a viable LED lightbar option; make the right choice: Code 3 LED X 2100. Measures 47” L x 2.1” H x 12.25” W. Choose between LED or Halogen Arrowsticks
PSE-2147SF $1,195.00

Clear Selections

Full Power Signal: • LED X modules utilize the most powerful LEDs available combined with the unique LED X optics to produce an incredibly bright, true color signal. • Low Profile measuring only 2.1” in height is inconspicuous with its clear polycarbonate lenses when off and brilliant when lit.  • Fuel efficiency and higher top speeds due to the low drag profile. • Amp draw is extremely low at only .5-amp per LED X module. • Low Maintenance with extra long life LEDs , solid state technology, and solid extruded aluminum frame.  A five year warranty! • Multiple lengths to fit every need: 12.25” Wide, 2.1” High, and Lengths of 36”, 47” & 58”are standard, 69” is a special order. Versatility with internal options: • LED X modules in red, blue, or amber and in flashing or steady burn –or- any combination • ArrowStik traffic directing light in 6 or 8 head array (LED or incandescent). • Takedown(s) and/or Alley Light(s) utilizing high intensity 35-watt MR-11 lamp modules. • Stationary and/or Flashing auxiliary lights using High Power 27-watt high intensity in clear or colors. • Preemptive emitter for traffic signal switching. • Mount kit for nearly every vehicle included, order specific vehicle adaptor plates separately. • Complies with SAE and California Title XIII specifications when properly configured.
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